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We can help you create a custom database that can turn mounds of paper and spreadsheets into easy-to-use information.

The professionals at PT Automated Solutions, Inc. are passionate about helping businesses increase their efficiency, stability and production of their staff through automation.

Access Database Programmer, PT Automated Solutions

Automate your office and work smarter, not harder!

Access Database Programmer

PT Automated Solutions, Inc.




We specialize in designing database systems to make technology an asset for your business.  We will work with your team to integrate technology seamlessly within your company.


No company or business is "too small" to explore a custom solution.




To get started, we will schedule a free analysis of your existing system(s).  During this visit we will review your current documents and processes to gain a high-level understanding of your business.  We'll determine how a custom database can enhance your business.




All database projects are unique, requiring an in-depth understanding of the project at hand and the database environment. The project assignments can be driven by application needs or developmental efforts. Projects can be forecasted strategically or can be an immediate unanticipated need.


Regardless, PT Automated Solutions offers the database project support that can react, plan and implement your project.




Tanya Scribano understands and is very responsive to the needs of our firm.  The TaxAppealPro system dramatically enhanced the efficiency of our firm, in many aspects.  The program is intuitive and easy to use.  The CCAOPro system is essential for residential appeals and serves as a perfect complement to TaxAppealPro.  Since our launch in 2018, we are very satisfied with TaxAppealPro and CCAOPro and our decision to implement them.  Thanks Tanya!

Christopher P. Griffin, Eugene L. Griffin & Associates, Ltd. 


“Amari & Locallo loves working with PT Automated Solutions.  Their custom-designed TaxAppealPro/CCAOPro databases have made our firm’s operation more efficient and have given us the ability to move to a paperless office.  Their customer service is outstanding.  The owner, Tanya Scribano, is a true                professional.”

Joseph F. Locallo, III—Amari & Locallo


“CCAOPro has been a total game changer for our business. Tanya has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Her positive attitude, attentiveness, and problem-solving capabilities are beyond measure. Finally, thanks to Tanya’s software, work that once took our staff 7-10 days to finish can now be completed in 1-2 days."

Caren Gertner—Law Office of Gertner & Gertner, Ltd.


“Tanya worked closely with our team to create an online registration and results database for our mobile-screening unit. She was incredibly attentive to our needs and focused on making this new program exactly what we needed it to be. Her  dedication to the project made it a success, and her willingness to make prompt modifications whenever we ask makes her invaluable to our organization. I  wholeheartedly recommend her services.“

Megan Craig—National Kidney Foundation of Illinois


“Tanya’s property assessment appeal programs are spectacular and should be considered “game changers” in our industry.…They have not only dramatically impacted our efficiency in tracking cases, and in dealing with volume, but they have also significantly improved the quality and functionality of our appeals and their submission to the various assessing agencies.  She is an absolute joy to work with, and her programs are exceptional and unique in the industry because she customizes them to fit the specific needs of her clients.”                      
David Lavin—Ryan Law


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